A Liquid Flower

June 2, 2009

LIquid Flower

LIquid Flower

I’d have to say that I don’t consider myself a nature or wildlife photographer. I guess I’m more of an urbanist.  But living in Florida makes it almost impossible to turn a way from some of the incredible natural beauty that’s just everywhere.  The fun thing for me then, is to shoot these things in ways that are just a bit “different”.   This orchid just seemed to flow as if it was being poured from a pitcher.  It was shot with a 100mm macro on a Canon 20D.



The new Canon G-10 is a great little camera. In fact, it has significantly changed the way I can shoot.  Because it’s almost always with me, I can be more spontaneous.  I haven’t had this much fun with a non-SLR since my Leica film cameras.  This shot is a perfect example.

This was simply a grab shot as I passed a storefront at night.  The ducks were backlit but still the digital noise was very significant.  This is pretty much expected at high ISO’s with such a tiny sensor.  Noiseware took care of that surprisingly well. A pass through Photoshop’s solarization filter completed the “unsettling” look I was going after.