Ya gotta start somewhere!

May 30, 2009


The new Canon G-10 is a great little camera. In fact, it has significantly changed the way I can shoot.  Because it’s almost always with me, I can be more spontaneous.  I haven’t had this much fun with a non-SLR since my Leica film cameras.  This shot is a perfect example.

This was simply a grab shot as I passed a storefront at night.  The ducks were backlit but still the digital noise was very significant.  This is pretty much expected at high ISO’s with such a tiny sensor.  Noiseware took care of that surprisingly well. A pass through Photoshop’s solarization filter completed the “unsettling” look I was going after.


One Response to “Ya gotta start somewhere!”

  1. joy Says:

    is this a commercial for Canon G-10? i’m sold! very whimisical shot, though the duckies look a little possessed, LOL!

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